About Business Traffic Builders

What do small businesses, multi-store franchises and large corporations have in common? They cannot survive without promotional marketing. Marketing and promotion defines how you connect with the consumer and sets your business apart from the competition. To increase your bottom line, you must constantly work to enhance your brand value, attract new customers and maintain current customer relationships. All of which cannot be accomplished without implementing promotional marketing strategies into your business plan.

No matter what industry you fall into, choosing the right promotions for your business can be tricky. That’s where we come in…with over 10 years of experience in the business promotional marketing industry, our team of creative planners works to constantly find unique and effective strategies to make your retail promotions, grand openings, home show exhibits and other marketing events successful.

Business Marketing Strategies That Make Sense

While storewide sales and frequent price cuts can offer an immediate increase in profits, effective business promotions can transform the way your products and services are viewed by the public. Remember, an esteemed brand reputation leads to loyal customers and repeat sales. If you’re planning a retail promotion or grand opening, why not make it a BIG deal? Transform what would otherwise be an ordinary business transaction into a celebration of your products and services, rewarding your current customers and attracting new ones in the process. Remember, a satisfied customer can be a vital marketing tool for your company.

Planning promotional marketing events is a multidimensional process and we’re here to help. At Business Traffic Builders, we’ve worked with businesses from various industries to create profitable promotional events such as grand openings, retail promotions and home show exhibits. We pledge to stay on top of the latest marketing trends and consumer opinions to bring you promotional strategies that are designed with the consumer in mind.

Specializing In

Whether you are a small, family-owned business or a large multi-location department store, we take pride in our ability to assess your promotional marketing needs and offer the right giveaway item or event attraction to fit your requirements and budget. With the help of one of our Business Marketing Specialists you can easily plan and execute successful events that leave a lasting impression in the minds of your current and potential customers, boost your brand image and drive traffic to your business.